Vadim Ogievetsky


Sep 09 – Mar 11
Stanford University Stanford, CA
Masters in Computer Science (Human-Computer Interaction) GPA: 4.05/4.3
Advisor: Terry Winograd
Oct 05 – Jun 08
St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford Oxford, UK
Honour School of Mathematics and Computer Science Graduated with a First Class Bachelor of Arts degree with a distinction in practical work
Tutors: Hilary Priestley (Mathematics), Peter Jeavons (Computer Science)
Sep 03 – Jun 05
Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School London, UK
Four grades A at A2 level in Double Mathematics, Physics and Computation
Sep 00 – Jun 03
Clifton College Bristol, UK
Attained 12 GCSEs at grade A* - B


Apr 11 - May 15
Metamarkets San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer
  • Built out the Metamarkets product that took the company through four rounds of funding.
  • Led the Frontend team for over two years.
  • Wrote and graded the Frontend coding challenge that is administered to potential applicants.
  • Developed and open-sourced facet.js a query planner and data visualization framework that powers the Metamarkets product.
  • Instituted a culture of testing and test driven development that greatly enhanced the stability and availability of the product.
Dec 10 - Apr 11
Metamarkets San Francisco, CA
UI / UX Consultant
  • Implemented real-time, interactive data visualizations using Protovis and D3.
  • Developed the Metamarkets dashboard based on an initial prototype.
Sep 10 – Dec 10
Stanford University Stanford, CA
Teaching Assistant for CS448B: Data Visualization taught by Prof. Jeffrey Heer
  • Organized the course website and administrative issues.
  • Held office hours to help students with their projects.
  • Led workshops on the use of Protovis and Flare visualization toolkits.
  • Assisted Prof. Heer with grading student work.
Jun 10 – Sep 10
Cantor Fitzgerald New York, NY
Intern Software Developer
  • Worked as part of the High Frequency Trading team.
  • Collaborated with analysts to create a real-time market visualization platform.
  • Dealt with streaming and visualizing massive (order or 1TB / day) amounts of data.
Nov 08 – Jan 10
The Big Picture London, UK
Freelance Programmer and UI Designer
  • Collaborated with an interface artist to design and implement an online organizer called ‘The Big Picture’.
  • Dealt with all stages the development: drafting specifications, coding and debugging, marketing and support
  • Wrote robust front-end code in ActionScript3, MXML and JavaScript.
  • Created a scalable PHP backend to support a 100 fold increase in users.
  • Maintained and optimized the MySQL database.
  • Transferred from one hosting service provider to another with less than 1 minute of downtime.
Sep 08 – Dec 08
Ensoft Limited Harpenden, UK
Contractor for Cisco Systems
  • Implemented features in the operating system of Cisco’s line of high capacity backbone routers.
  • Wrote code in C that adhered to very tight Cisco specifications.
  • Created a visual tool for finding and eliminating cyclic package dependencies using Perl.
Jun 07 – Sep 07
Frontier Developments Cambridge, UK
Intern Software Developer
  • Worked as a part of the rendering team on the upcoming next-gen title “The Outsider”.
  • Collaborated with artists and designers on drafting game specifications.
  • Implemented high performance graphics code in C++ and HLSL.
  • Constructed a Ruby utility to allow developers to create game editing interfaces using direct manipulation; this utility was adopted throughout the team saving hours of developer time.


Oct 11
D3: Data-Driven Documents Michael Bostock, Vadim Ogievetsky, Jeffrey Heer
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proc. InfoVis'11) [26% Acceptance Rate]
May 10
A Tour through the Visualization Zoo Jeffrey Heer, Michael Bostock, Vadim Ogievetsky
ACM Queue

Invited Talks

Facet: The recursive approach to visualization

Feb 13

Intro D3 (D3 tutorial)

Mar 13
Harvard University, Cambridge MA
Oct 12
Stanford University, Stanford CA
May 12
UC Irvine, Irvine CA
Feb 12
UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA
Feb 12
Oct 11
Stanford University, Stanford CA

DIY Vis Applications (Protovis tutorial)

Oct 10
IEEE VisWeek 2010, Salt Lake City UT


Awarded a scholarship for first class results in first year university examinations (Moderations) at Oxford
Awarded five ‘collection’ prizes for first class results in college examinations at Oxford
Awarded three gold certificates for partaking in UK Senior Mathematics Challenge

Technical Experience

Programming Languages
TypeScript, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, SQL, C, C++, ActionScript3, PHP, Python, Ruby, Haskell
Open Source Contribution